Solar Lamp Pilot Launch


We were so excited to launch this project, because we know how effective this project can be with such a small cash input.

We were so excited to launch this project, because we know how effective solar lights can be with such a small cash input. We gave 50 students a lamp to take home to be able to do their homework. We were so happy that almost every child’s parent came to collect the lamp and learn about the importance of children doing their homework using the lamp. This shows the dedication to support children’s education is coming from both Made With Hope and the parents themselves.

Why did we launch this project?
Many homes in the communities we work in have no electricity because they are so rural and have a very low household income. Families are forced to either manage in the dark after the sun sets (6.30pm) or purchase oil to fuel a poisonous kerosene lamp which is not good for the children to breath in. Students are sometimes not completing their homework simply because they cannot see to do it. This is putting student’s academic attainment at risk.

What is bad about kerosene lamps?
Kerosene lamps are powered by oil. The rooms of people’s homes are very small, and children have to sit next to the lamps to see their homework books. This means the children are inhaling these fumes in a small area which gives them headaches, dizziness and nausea. They cannot do their homework outside because it is dangerous and they are at risk of being bitten my a malaria infected mosquito.

Other Key Dangers from the World Health Organisation
• Highly flammable and danger of exploding
• Toxicity occurs if kerosene is inhaled while being ingested (contains carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins)
• Irritating to eyes, skin and breathing
• Releases toxins into the environment

What will be the impact?
Students will be able to see at night to do their homework. They will keep up with the rest of their class, increase their academic achievements and feel confident with future class work.

Comments from students with no light at home
”I use a kerosene lamp to do my homework. It gives me a headache and it does not smell good”

“Kerosene lamps are too expensive for my family. I cannot see in my house in the evening so sometimes I do not do my homework”

“ have to collect water and look after my baby sister after school. I do not have time to do my homework before the sun sets”

“I wish I had electricity in my house so I could see to do my homework and talk with my mother”

”I sometimes do not understand what the teacher is teaching in class because I couldn’t do my homework”

A special thank you to the Thacker’s Family for funding this pilot with a £250 donation

Solar Lamp Project Launch: 22nd February 2019

Eleanor Riley