Volunteer roles

Become part of our friendly team of volunteers and put your skills and time to good use. The majority of our work is done through volunteers here in the UK. We have many volunteers coming to help in our Manchester office and some work remotely. We have regular socials to hang out and celebrate our work! Below are some of the volunteer opportunities that are happening at the moment. Some are fully taken but please check out what opportunities we have available and learn more about them below.

Past and Present Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer opportunities can change depending on the charity’s needs. So keep a look out on the above link to see what’s available

Marketing Assistant

Help us spread awareness about our work and communicate with new and existing supporters

Girl Empowerment

Become part of our girl empowerment team to help design, monitor and spread the word about our girl empowerment projects.

Fundraising Officer

Get creative with your ideas and help us raise much needed funds for our projects in Tanzania

Admin Assistant

Use your admin skills to help us manage important tasks that are needed to run our charity.

Research/Project Design

Help us design our projects in Tanzania using your research skills and a passion to help make change

Graphic Design

We always need help and support with the branding of our charity to ensure we are spreading our message in the best way.


Our UK Office

We are lucky to work in Beehive Lofts
Co-working space in Ancoats, Manchester where we rent a desk and get access to lots of facilities that our volunteers can use too: free coffee machine, meeting room, event space, comfy sofas and a super friendly environment.


“The thing I love most about Made With Hope is our amazing community of trustees and volunteers that are so supportive of each other and work so hard to improve the lives of people living in rural Tanzania.”

Ollie, Research & Project Design Volunteer

Volunteer Testimonials


“I got involved with Made With Hope after stumbling across the project development role online- as I am currently studying for a masters degree in International Development I thought it was a great opportunity to get involved in an organisation doing brilliant work, and to put what I am learning into practice. What I love about Made With Hope is that I feel I am making a tangible difference, my work is really valued, and I am learning so much about the sector!” Imogen

“I am a Project Design volunteer for the Girl Empowerment project which addresses menstrual hygiene issues young girls face. What I love about volunteering at Made With Hope is being part of a fantastic small team and actively contributing towards change for children’s lives in rural Tanzania.” Jess

“Being a Girl Empowerment Volunteer at Made With Hope over the past few months has been such an eye opening experience. Being able to be involved in the project from start to finish is not only rewarding for us volunteers, but also ensures such projects are thoroughly and lovingly designed and implemented. As part of the Girl Empowerment team, my time with MWH has already included helping raise awareness at a local woman's event, researching the impacts that the lack of menstrual hygiene options has on the girls in Tanzania, and researching sustainable income generating projects for the community to ensure the girl empowerment project is built to last. To be able to see the projects coming to life first hand has been amazing!" Laura

“I wanted to do something that is more meaningful than just a pay cheque and use my skills to help people who really need it. I found Made With Hope at just the right time, meeting an amazing group of talented, hard working people who share the same passion and with them, we have already started making a difference and I aim to continue making that positive impact.” Matthew

“I started volunteering for MWH in August 2018 and I'm so happy I did - not only do you get to work with an amazing group of people in Manchester, but you also get to collaborate with an amazing local, Tanzanian run NGO - CHETI. I love that MWH is all about taking direction from local Tanzanians to deliver sustainable changes that the communities we work in have approved themselves. I volunteer in the Research and Project development team - we take CHETI's ideas and try and turn them into something practical that MWH can help them to do. Volunteering at MWH has made me appreciate the power of small charities and communities that work alongside them.” Megan

“Volunteering with Made With Hope has been an amazing opportunity to volunteer with others who want to have a positive impact on the world. It gives me the ability to do something meaningful with my work. A year ago, I decided to change careers from a primary school teacher to Graphic Designer. Being self-taught, I needed experience and when I contacted Made With Hope my first brief was to help with the design for the school workshops. It was a great feeling to be able to use my experience of both being a teacher and designer. I look forward to my next project and watching the progress of the new school!” Rebecca