Primary School Phase 1 complete

We have completed the first Phase of our Primary School, constructing 2 classrooms for 90 children at CHETI school. We are working towards constructing 8 classrooms in total (Phase 1-4) by 2021 to educate an additional 360 children in the rural community of Nadasoito, Tanzania.

About CHETI education
This school is already a high achieving private school that supports children from very poor or low income families. Many children are sponsored and some families contribute to the school fees. Families who contribute are from very low income families, but they are desperate for one of their children in the family to attend a good school so that they have a better chance of escaping the poverty cycle they are currently trapped in. CHETI gained results in the top 5% of their 2017 national exams and have a 100% pass rate to secondary school.

Why are we building more classrooms?
The government recommends 45 students per classroom and teacher. CHETI school currently has 8 classrooms (grades 1-7); every one of them is overcrowded due to the demands of the community. The school is suitable for 360 students yet CHETI school is currently educating 603 children (51-102 students per classroom). There are 243 extra children in the school with an ever growing waiting list of new students.

This is putting children's education at risk causing teachers to become stressed as it is difficult to give each student the required attention. Some students are not attending as they are falling behind in class.

Financial details
One classroom costs approximately £7,000. As always, we are using local contractors, labourers and building materials to construct the classrooms.


  • Sponsor a child programme

  • Contribution from some parents for small school fees (more than half the price of most private schools)

  • Income generation activities

    A huge thank you to Ben Collinson and his company for the generous £10,000 donation towards constructing these 2 classrooms.