Meeting with the Tanzanian Government

On 1st February 2019, we were invited, along with our Tanzanian NGO partner, CHETI, to speak with the Tanzanian government. The purpose of this meeting was to showcase our work to the government and discuss how we could work together in the future. We were excited to show the government what we’d done since we were founded in 2013 and how good investments in the right areas could make big differences to people’s lives in Tanzania.

Unfortunately, Made With Hope were unable to attend the meeting but Zuma, the director of CHETI, went on our behalf. He travelled to the government office in Dodoma - an eight-hour bus ride away! Despite the long journey, he was extremely proud to be invited to speak with the government!

As a result of this meeting, we have managed to make contact with some government schools in Tanzania to see what we can do to help them. This could be by providing rainwater harvesting tanks, hand washing stations, solar lamps for students’ study, toilet blocks or sanitary products. We are excited to see what we can do with these government schools and are happy to be making this step to work in collaboration with the Tanzanian government.

Here’s to a fruitful partnership!

Eleanor Riley