Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been supported by a variety of small and large businesses over the years. Our small charity can offer your business a partnership that supports your CSR programme and helps your employees feel as though they have really made a difference. To date we have received over £20,000 from our corporate partners and we’ve enjoyed showing them where their support has gone to.

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A corporate partnership with Made With Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are interested in sponsor a whole project or would like to support us as a one-off, please get in touch and we can put together a programme just for you.


Increase staff engagement

Walk, run, cycle or wear a hilarious outfit for work. Getting your staff involved in fundraising together enables them to work as a team, have a laugh and make friends.


Share your skills

We’re always looking for professionals who can share their skills. Skills such as marketing, branding, SEO, financial reporting and HR skills are always so useful to our predominantly volunteer led charity. Get in touch to see you how can help.


Tailor your partnership

Work with us to find a project and way of fundraising that suits the needs of your business and your employees. A recent company built their own classroom

Low cost, big impact

We are a small charity that knows that every penny can make a huge difference to the community we work with.