Celebrating Volunteers Week 2019!

Volunteer Week ran from 1st-7th June this year. It was a great chance to celebrate the amazing work that our volunteers do.

Made With Hope is vastly made up of volunteers since we started in 2013. It is only since Summer 2019 did we employ anybody because the demand for our projects was growing all the time. The passion that volunteers have is so invaluable. We feel really lucky here at Made With Hope to have such incredible volunteers who do a variety of tasks, from project design to graphic design.

We don’t just ask our volunteers to shake a bucket on the street. We give them important tasks that benefit the charity and enable them to learn more about working in an international development charity. Many of the volunteers have commented on how they feel very involved in the work Made With Hope is doing and that they feel they are actually making a difference.

“What I love about Made With Hope is that I feel I am making a tangible difference, my work is really valued, and I am learning so much about the sector” Imogen

We really appreciate our volunteers commitment and often many volunteers come in every week to our office and give up their time and skills. We wouldn’t be able to function with our incredible volunteers and we wanted to make sure they all knew this!

“I really enjoy working alongside our volunteers. It’s great to work together and bounce ideas of each other. The work they do is invaluable to Made With Hope and I always look forward to them coming into the office” Eleanor, Founder

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all everyone who is giving up their time to enable Made With Hope to bring education to more children in rural Tanzania. We can’t wait to continue to work together into the future! We’ve got a social planned in July to celebrate their amazing work!

Love The Made With Hope Trustees

p.s. If you’d like to get involved at Made With Hope, check out our opportunities here.

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