Alex and Tom‘s Made With Hope triathlon

On Sunday 26th May, two more amazing people put their endurance and determination to the test whilst fundraising for Made With Hope.

Alex and Tom, who are twins, put in a superb effort to complete their triathlon, training for several months before the event took place on Sunday. We are fortunate that they were inspired by our work as a charity and decided to create a fundraiser for housing for orphaned children as well as rainwater harvesting tanks for a building. They managed to fundraise an incredible £1,654, more than £400 past their target total!

Here’s what Tom had to say the day after the triathlon:

“Regarding how I feel today, if I’m being honest I feel ok! I did a significant amount of training (c.1.5hrs/day in the last few months) which wasn’t great for my fiancé considering we are getting married in July but it did mean that I was well prepped for the big day. In terms of the event itself, I didn’t have a great start (getting kicked in the face in the lake wasn’t the nicest way to kick the event off!) and my brother even managed to get slapped in the face during his swim. We came out of the lake pretty much together (c.20 seconds apart or so) and thereafter I jumped on my bike and started trying to make headway! The bike was comfortable, albeit I was overtaken by a few people on ridiculously expensive bikes (supposedly more than £5,000!) but I was thankful to get off the bike and onto the run. Alex and I made a few rookie errors (we tried eating a nutrition bar during the run – Don’t ever try chewing crunchy peanut butter whilst jogging!) but we’ll learn for the next one. The fact that we were doing the event for such a great cause was a real motivating factor for both of us. There were times (especially on the swim!) where I wanted to give up but we pulled through. All in all, a real achievement for the both of us and I imagine you’ll see us on the triathlon circuit in the not too distant future.”

We’d like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to Alex, Tom and everyone who donated so kindly to their fundraiser! We can’t wait to share with you the impact that this money will have on the children in Tanzania! And all the best for the wedding!

If you’d still like to donate to their campaign, you can do so here:

If you’ve been inspired by Alex and Tom’s efforts and want to fundraise for Made With Hope, send us an email at and we can help you get started!

Oliver Chow