Ollie's 1 year with Made With Hope

We are a volunteer led charity, which means we really are made up of people who work solely for the cause. We have had many volunteers over the years, some come and go which is the nature of volunteering. But, Ollie has been with us for over 1 year now. He has not only brought commitment to the cause, but also a “get stuck in” attitude. He’s been involved in tasks such as blogging with his amazing writing and research skills and done his own fundraising through a sponsored run. Since summer 2018 he has helped us with project design, helping to launch our rainwater harvesting project which is now bringing thousands of litres of water to children in rural Tanzania. Ollie was an integral part in developing this project. He didn’t necessarily have the skill set to do this, but his motivation to learn as he went was truly admirable and we are thankful for all that he has contributed. Ollie is continuing to support the rainwater harvesting project, but he is also getting involved in designing a UK workshop for us to go into schools and teach children about what we do and how they can get involved in a unique way. We are really excited for Ollie to continue to be involved as he is giving so much to the world of international development.

Message from Ollie:

“I started volunteering for Made With Hope after meeting Eleanor at a public speaking event in Manchester in December 2017. Hearing Eleanor’s speech about Made With Hope’s journey, as well as her own, awakened an interest in international development that had been brewing subconsciously in my mind for the past few years.

I started blogging for Made With Hope in February 2018, although this has taken a back seat in recent months. Currently, I am working in Research and Project Development with a focus on our Rainwater Harvesting project.

The thing I love most about Made With Hope is our amazing community of trustees and volunteers that are so supportive of each other and work so hard to improve the lives of people living in rural Tanzania”

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