Giving Made With Hope's brand a refresh!

Made With Hope has received lots of compliments about our brand in the past. People understand we are a positive, optimistic charity that is full of energy, and our design has helped us convey that message. We feel it’s important to bring some colour into an otherwise serious and concerning topic: world poverty.

We decided to do a refresh for our branding to improve the way we communicate with our supporters. We received lots of help; from Alex Margolin who helped us define some of the content of the website, Eleanor who created a lot of the content and imagery for the website, Kim Jones (our creative design volunteer) who helped with design and Aleksandra who help create the icons for elements of our work to help us better explain what we do.

Skills sharing is invaluable for our small charity

Aleksandra is an up and coming Graphic Designer in Manchester who has helped improve Made With Hope’s brand in a volunteer capacity. We are truly grateful for her giving up her skills for our charity.

“My name is Aleksandra and I am professional photographer based in Manchester, but few years ago I decided to start studying graphic design, which always was my passion. Currently I am on a 2nd year of graphic design course and wanted to gain some experience and see how the industry works. During my visit at the Beehive Mills in Manchester, I’ve met Eleanor and had an opportunity to create for her some icons for the charity website. That was a great chance for me improve my design skills and also great experience. I am happy that I could help her and do some charity work, which also could help poor children. Definitely I would love to be involved in the upcoming projects!“


A few examples of the beautiful designs Aleksandra did

lighten up.png
water is life icon.png

You can access Aleksandra’s portfolios here: - photography - graphics

Oliver Chow