Andrew runs Manchester Marathon for MWH

One of our trustees, Andrew, ran the Manchester Marathon on Sunday 7th April to raise money for our rainwater harvesting project. We’re so happy that he managed to complete it in 4 hours 27 minutes and 8 seconds and made it round in one piece!

Andrew managed to raise an amazing total of £1,256! This is enough to fund guttering installation on a building as well as four rainwater harvesting tanks! We will now be able to provide clean, low-fluoride water to even more children who attend our schools!

We’d like to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone that donated to Andrew’s fundraiser! And, of course, a massive ‘Thank You’ to Andrew for putting in four months of training whilst volunteering his time to help us on our trustee board! Well done Andrew!

Here’s what Andrew had to say about his run:

The support along the route was just incredible. Despite my body telling me otherwise there was never a point I thought I would give up. The crowd, my family and friends and all those who donated an incredible £1,000 over the past three weeks carried me through to the end. The children who would benefit from this amount of money was always in the back of my mind and there was no way I was going to let them down.

Oliver Chow