Eggs to eat!

This project supports school children’s nutrition by providing sustainable food solutions in rural Arusha, Tanzania

Why this projects exists

It’s so important that we all eat a balanced diet. Unfortunately malnutrition is a massive problem in the rural villages that we work in. We wanted to ensure the school children we help, get all of the nutrients they needed to help them grow into healthy adults. Lack of food can inhibit a child’s education and is also a barrier to attending school. If a child’s belly is rumbling in class, they are less likely to be able to concentrate and therefore unable to learn.

Our solution

Our hen project started with a generous donation from The Thacker’s Family. This meant we were able to buy a hen for each child staying at the girls dorm rooms. This means the children will now be able to eat eggs each week to gain much needed protein to help them grow. The children were so happy with their new hens, they helped to bring them into their new home and were smiling and laughing so much. They enjoy looking after them and also enjoy eating their eggs, especially because they’d never had a boiled egg before!

Thank you to The Thacker’s Family for supporting this project

Eleanor Riley