Girls Dorm Rooms complete

We have built accommodation for children at Made With Hope Primary School. Children who have one or no parents are able to stay at the accommodation during term time to help improve their education, wellbeing and overall happiness.

Why does this project exist?
The communities we work often have parents that have passed away due to disease (often to HIV), accidents or inability to pay health care. This can leave either no parents or one parent for the child. Neighbours and extended family try to support these children. However, with almost no social support resources in the area, one-parent families or guardians can often struggle to support a child. Children were often unable to go to school and instead had to work, look after siblings or cook and clean for the house. Girls are often forced into early marriage due to family culture and desperation to earn more money for the family through “dowry”. Often children were only receiving one meal a day, risking malnutrition and inability to concentrate during lessons. The children would also have to walk miles to school, risking absenteeism especially during rainy season, and putting girls at risk as they walk along the streets.

Our project
Along with CHETI (our delivery partner), the community, parents/guardians and the children themselves, we supported the construction of girl’s dormitories to allow 24 children to stay here during term time. The children are able to attend a high quality private school next door that will really give a child a chance to escape the vicious poverty cycle (as opposed to government schools that are low quality and poorly resourced). The children are fed 3 nutritious meals and a snack per day, take part in extra curricular activities, have access to health care, their own bed with a mosquito net and a room with light to do their homework at night. This quality of living is much higher than living in their previous mud huts in cramped conditions. Parents, guardians, family and friends are able to visit the project at weekends which they often do. Children do enjoy going home during term breaks, but after a few days they ask to return as home circumstances can be difficult and they are often not fed or asked to work a lot.

Bedrooms with 2 bunkbeds in each room. Each child has their own spacious bed with a mosquito net.
Light in each room for the children to do homework.
4 toilets and 4 shower rooms (private and safe)
Dining area

Running costs
Made With Hope continue to support the annual £3,500 running costs of this project through our Sponsor A Child Programme.

This project cost £28,000 and was done solely through community fundraising. Thank you to everyone who bought our cakes, ran a sponsored 10k, donated their time, bought a brick and randomly donated through the goodness of their heart!