Construction under way: Secondary School

After lots of community fundraising and support from small businesses, we were able to begin the construction of our secondary school for 250 children

What does this project exist?
Only 30% of Tanzanian children attend secondary school, with very few students coming from rural regions. Over 90% of rural Nadasoito’s population live in poverty. There is limited access to clean water, no electricity, no public transport and limited, poor quality secondary education located an 8km walk away. Without continuing education it is near impossible for families to break out of poverty, children run the risk of engaging in child labour and girls can be forced into early marriage.

We believe in empowering local people to support the issues that affect their people. Working in collaboration with our delivery partner in Tanzanian, CHETI, who provide exemplary knowledge regarding education and poverty in their community, we are building a secondary school in Nadasoito. Government permits were granted in 2016 to build the area’s first secondary school, which will cater for 45 students in the next academic year starting January 2019, reaching a capacity of 250 students by 2022.

The school will offer the standard academic subjects, vocational training, health/girl empowerment workshops and free school meals to boost attendance. There will also be toilets on campus, which has been highlighted as a barrier to attendance, especially for girls during menstruation.

Sustainability of project to support poor children

  • Sponsor a child programme for families living in extreme poverty

  • Contribution of some school fees from parents from low income families

  • Income generation activities