Celebrating 3 years working with CHETI in Tanzania

Here at Made With Hope we are celebrating three marvellous years in partnership with CHETI. CHETI are a local NGO (Non-governmental organisation), based in Tanzania, who we team up with to generate huge success within our projects and future goals. CHETI represents a team of passionate individuals, such as Zuma (a kind-hearted man who works closely with us at Made With Hope), who are essential in supporting charities like us and also the local communities in Arusha. Many of the communities in Arusha are extremely rural so it is a struggle for children to attend schools. However, with the wonderful help and donations CHETI receives they have been able to build 7 sustainable schools! These schools educate over 1,000 poor children each year. This includes many orphaned children and children with widowed parents. Education is crucial in enabling these children to grow and learn. It gives them hope for their future and supports their emotional well-being by creating a happy and safe environment for them to make friends.

In October 2016, as Made With Hope’s creative volunteer, I was lucky enough to be able to visit one of CHETI’s schools in person. I was over the moon to see how happy the children were at school! Blessed to be learning about the world, attending classes, and running around carefree with their friends. 

CHETI are invaluable to us as a charity and we are forever grateful for the partnership we have with them. Thank you!
Kim :)
Made With Hope Volunteer

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Eleanor Riley