Our first ever grant application is successful!

We were always a little nervous to venture into Trusts and Foundations fundraising (aka grant applications) as we’ve only ever done community fundraising (individual giving, small events, sponsored runs etc.). Questions in our mind were ‘we’re probably not good enough to be awarded grants from Trusts and Foundations. This way of fundraising felt a lot more formal and felt like it required a certain skill set which we thought we didn’t have.

But, with a lot of research, preparation and rewriting our first application dozens of times, we took the plunge and clicked ‘send’ on our application to Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust.

Two months later, we received a letter with a £13,661 cheque in it. This was the biggest donation we had ever received. We cried and danced with happiness. This donation not only meant we could take one step closer to building our secondary school, but it gave us such a huge boost of confidence.

Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust have helped to transform Made With Hope!

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