Founder’s Story


In Eleanor’s early twenties, she began to question her purpose in the world. She was becoming more aware of the shocking stories that she’d see in the news about how millions of children do not have clean water to drink or a school to go to each day and she decided to do something about it.


Eleanor Riley
Location: Manchester, UK/Arusha, Tanzania
Born: 3rd December 1989
Year the idea of Made With Hope started: 2010
Year Eleanor started Made With Hope: 2013
Likes: Working with Tanzanian’s to find solutions together, learning about the beautiful Tanzanian culture, homemade cooking by Happiness at her Tanzanian homestay, cooking food for friends in the UK…and snuggling her dog on the sofa.
Dislikes: The lack of support for very small volunteer led charities, missing her dog when she’s in Tanzania and the reverse culture shock when she returns to the UK.


“Why do I automatically have a head start in life, just because I was lucky enough to be born in the UK? I have access to enough water, food, health care and education, yet there are some children in this world who don't”

- Eleanor, Founder

With a thirst for travel, Eleanor backpacked around South America in 2012. This was her first experience witnessing children living in poverty. She was devastated that some people lived this way, so she made it her life’s purpose to make the world a fairer place to live in, for the poorest children.

In 2013, at 23 years old, Eleanor visited rural Tanzania to understand how some of the poorest people in the world were living. She partnered with a local Tanzanian NGO (non-government organisation) to help her understand what the community actually needed and wanted. To Eleanor, it was vital to avoid being a “western saviour”, and instead, empower Tanzanian’s to help the children in the community in the best way possible.

Eleanor came back to the UK in November 2013 and began setting up Made With Hope as a charity. The charity would target 2 things: helping children to break out of the cycle of poverty, and ensure donors knew where there hard earned money was going to; something she felt passionate about in the current climate where only 6 out of 10 people trust charities.

With no fundraising, business skills, or the confidence to ask people for money, it took her 5 months to raise the first £1,000. But, with utter determination, she taught herself about fundraising and how to run a charity. And admits she is still learning every day. Over the years, Eleanor has led Made With Hope and convinced many volunteers and supporters to join her on her mission to give children access to all the basic things she had when she was growing up. Eleanor is heavily involved in the fundraising and operations of the charity and works alongside her Trustees to grow the charity to support thousands of children.

I have learnt so much from Tanzanian people. I truly love this country. People here have time for each other. Even though my schedule is always jam packed when I visit Tanzania, I feel so relaxed and at home when I’m here. That is all down to the welcoming culture of Tanzanians
— Eleanor

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"I am truly humbled by the people that have joined me on Made With Hope’s journey so far. There has been many times when I have felt so overwhelmed with how many children need our projects and the demands of running a charity. But I am so determined and dedicated to our mission. My naivety is what made me be brave enough to begin Made With Hope. And I am so glad I did. I’ve learnt so much along the way; from what an invoice is, to how to monitor and evaluate projects, to how to be brave enough to speak in front of a crowd of people (that one was a pretty big challenge!). I am so excited for what Made With Hope’s future will look like, and how many thousands of children we will support."