Made With Hope was asked to contribute to a new Penguin Random House book

This is a personal blog from our founder, Eleanor Riley:

I've learnt so much from working with Tanzanians in-country. I was asked to share my learnings and contribute to a newly published book that explores a philosophy of universal bond and that 'if we can see everyone as connected to us, we will never be able to treat others as disposable or without worth'. We will be stronger together and that is something I truly believe in. I have personal experience of this through collaborating the Made With Hope with Tanzanian NGO, CHETI. Our shared mission is for quality education for all Tanzanian children and we're progressing towards this every day, together.

Working with Tanzanians has shown me how to have endless compassion, make more time for people instead of rushing around like us westerners do, how to empower families that have children that are at risk of getting trapped in the poverty cycle and that the "African" way should be listened to. #nowhitesaviours

'Everyday Ubuntu' is on Amazon for £9.28. Sneak a look at our contribution on page 162 Chapter: Doing things differently doesn't mean doing things worse. Author: Mungi Ngomane Foreward: Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Publisher: Penguin Random House

Oliver Chow