10 new toilets built

We have built 10 sanitary and mobility friendly toilets for girls at our secondary school.

We knew the secondary school project would have girl students attending that were likely to be menstruating. Managing your period as a girl in Tanzania is nowhere near as easy as it is here in the UK. And even over here is can be very difficult. If there are no or poor toilet facilities, or girls feel frightened about their period, they will often not attend school. This is why girl’s absenteeism is higher than boys. This is something we want to stop.

The first stage in supporting girl students who are menstruating, was to build them safe, sanitary toilets they could use in private. Water is available in the toilet and hand washing facilities are there too.

There is still lots to be done to support these girls, and we are working on designing a girls health programme to support them through this next chapter in their life. We don’t want periods to be a barrier to a girl learning and thriving.

If you would like to help us support these girls then please click below.

If you are a business or organisation that would like to get directly involved in supporting this project, please contact us directly to explore a possible partnership.

A huge thank you to Magi4Afrika for fundraising £6,000 to construct these toilets


Eleanor Riley