Inspiring the next generation: UK School Workshops & Assemblies



We offer free workshops to engage students in international development to increase empathy, enterprise and give them opportunities to make an impact on the lives of disadvantaged children in Tanzania who don’t have access to the quality education that they do.

“Interactive, fun and engaging” Teacher


About one of our workshops


Handwashing Workshop

In Tanzania, up to one-third of deaths in children under 5 years of age are related to poor hygiene. Hand washing has been proven to be the number one way to prevent these childhood illnesses and deaths. Our hand washing workshop introduces this problem to students and develops understanding and empathy for people experiencing this issue in Tanzania. Our 1-2 hour workshop enables students to:

  • Learn about the differences between the lives of children in Tanzania and their own lives.

  • Explore the consequences of poor hygiene in Tanzania and how hand washing can alleviate these problems.

  • Build a hand washing station, similar to the ones we use in Tanzania, using bamboo sticks and string.

  • Deliver a presentation to explain why hand washing is so important for good health and hygiene.

Here’s what teachers have had to say about our workshop:

  • “Increases awareness of problems in Tanzania and encourages teamwork, creativity and empathy.”

  • “Informative and interactive. Raised important issues. Students were fully involved.”

  • “Students had lots to do and were thoroughly engaged.”

  • “[The volunteers] are very well informed and communicate in an easy and relaxed manner. Young, positive, brilliant role models.”


Informative and interactive. Raised important issues. Students were fully involved
— Teacher



Our assemblies or class talks involve discussing the problems Tanzanian children face in gaining access to quality education and what we can do to solve it. Our assemblies are fun and interactive, we even involve dress up a couple of students or teachers as Massai leaders.

Past examples of how our work tied in with student's curriculum

Art - We brought some Tanzanian crafts to show the students. In their next class they made their own version & we took them to Tanzania to gift them to students in our schools. We fed back with photos which they loved!

English - We focused on water in one of our talks and then students wrote persuasive posters about water crisis for us to put up in our Tanzanian school. They then did a sponsored walk carrying water. 

Wellbeing - You could make educational posters about health and wellbeing to put up in our school/toilets to decorate the classrooms in Tanzania as they are so drab.


Our workshops and assemblies are free! We just kindly ask you to fundraise afterwards by hosting bake sales, sponsored events, own clothes day - whatever you like! We feed back with photos about the impact your donation has had.