Our partners in Tanzania…

We know that local people on the ground often know what is best for their community. By collaborating with passionate Tanzanian communities, organisations and government officials, that have a track record of supporting children living in poverty in their community, we can deliver all of our projects to the highest quality and standards.

CHETI NGO, is our largest partner, who we met in 2013 and were blown away by their determination to provide high quality education for poor children and families in their community. Together we have created projects that have helped over 950 children including a girls hostel, a secondary school for 250 students, a primary school, health workshops and clean water. We are so lucky that our collaboration has been such a good fit that we’ve never had any problems.


Who is CHETI?

CHETI NGO is a registered charity in rural Tanzania that has improved the lives of over 8,000 disadvantaged children since 1997, by providing high quality education, support and health care.

CHETI is dedicated to transparency and makes reporting about spending and providing receipts a top priority.

CHETI was founded by Zuma Mtui, the Director, who grew up as an orphan and lived in poverty until someone took a chance on him and supported his education.

I grew up without my parents and missed out on love and care. Nobody cared about my education. Most of my childhood was spent carrying grass for cattle and firewood from Kilimanjaro Mountain Forest to support my education. I studied very hard but the government school I went to was very bad. I was amongst 3 out of 100 students who passed my exams, even though the government school I went to was very poor quality. I could not afford to go to university but I knew that education could change people’s lives. I saw so many families living in poverty in the same way I did. I wanted to help children get out of poverty so in 1997 I opened my first school for 3 students in a room in my house that was made from mud.
— Zuma, Director of CHETI NGO
Zuma, Director of CHETI NGO

The future of our collaboration

Our partnership with CHETI NGO has been so successful that we are investing in CHETI by hiring more staff for their organisation. Both of our organisations want to scale the work we do and create partnerships with new communities, to support their needs. We have began to do this with the support of local governments since 2018. We are a great team and look forward to working together for many years.