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With your amazing help we built an orphanage for 24 children in Tanzania, Africa! The children love their new home and are grateful for every single person who made it possible. We collaborated with CHETI, a Tanzanian Not-For-Profit who kindly donated a piece of land for us to build an orphanage on and led the building of the orphanage from start to finish.


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The Reason You Helped Us To Build An Orphanage

There are 3 million orphans in Tanzania alone. Being an orphan not only means going through the trauma of losing one or both of your parents to diseases such as HIV/AIDS. They are likely to be much poorer, less healthy, less likely to go to school and therefore likely to spend their entire lives in extreme poverty. Our number one aim is to fight poverty by helping children living in very poor areas who often lack the basic necessities that every child deserves. Although Tanzania is showing gradual development, poverty is still a huge issue with 68% of the population living on under 85p a day. Much of the development that is taking place is concentrated in urban areas, leaving rural communities behind. Our orphanage is situated in Nadasoito, which is an extremely undeveloped area of Tanzania where self sustainability is key but almost impossible due to the lack of resources to rural areas. This is why our work here is essential. Our orphanage is providing 24 children with shelter, care and regular nutritious meals, all of which is vital for any child’s development. The children will also be enrolled at an excellent local school giving them a chance at a brighter future. With the average male literacy rate currently at 75% and female at 60% within Tanzania, the access they will gain to education through our orphanage will ensure that they achieve excellent academic skills and qualifications which will enable them to get a good job, removing them from the poverty cycle.


A Big Thank You From Us All

We love to make sure that you feel appreciated for your kindness and generosity. That’s why we created our Buy A Brick Wall so your kindness will be remembered forever!

Me Zuma Kids Wall


What’s amazing is these children that live in the orphanage attend CHETI school, which is located next door. CHETI schools are very strong in teaching and learning – they are ranked 3rd (out of 19 schools) for primary/elementary education in their district. Living right next to the school, being fed and drinking clean water will mean their attendance will be extremely high, which will give them an amazing start in life and they will gain knowledge and develop skills so they can try to get out of the poverty line.

The children are super happy living in their new home. You will now find them spending time studying, enjoying eating regular meals, or just playing outside like a normal kid. This project was a true representation of incredible team work – from our donors, to our volunteers, to our project leader in Tanzania. We wouldn’t of been able to do it without you all.

Keeping The Children Healthy

Building the Made With Hope orphanage was just the beginning. We are continuing to support this project by our Sponsor A Child programme. This ensures each child is fed, clothed and receives everything they need to live a happy healthy life each day. They can also get to know their sponsor and realise there are kind people out there in this big world who are thinking of them. We are extremely excited to announce that we now have all of the children sponsored in the orphanage!

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