What did you used to do and why did you feel like you needed to make a change and help children living in poverty?


I have had a pretty good childhood – few ups and downs along the way. I’ve always had access to a tap where clean water comes from, I went to a great school and got a fantastic education and I always knew where my next meal was coming from. I became interested in Africa through seeing those sad TV adverts that show poor children with no hope – I wanted to research more into poverty in Africa and find out what it was really like, away from multi-million pound marketing schemes. I’ve always felt like the only thing I was really good at is helping people. At 18 I went to University and this is where I could let my thoughts wander more freely. And this is when I started to realise I really needed to help these children in Africa. I began Made With Hope because I just didn’t feel okay with knowing that there was children out there that didn’t have the things I see as basic necessities – food, water, education and shelter. I couldn’t believe there was still a third of our whole world living in poverty with much less than I had. This imbalance made me upset and angry at first. I sometimes struggled to be around materialism and possibly caused a few awkward moments with friends about being grateful for what they had. But, after pondering over it for a couple of years, I decided to channel this energy into setting up a charity that helps these children get out of poverty and make a life for themselves – trying to rectify this global imbalance.


What do you think are the main issues in Tanzania, Africa?444


I believe education, water, shelter and food are the basic life necessities that everybody deserves. Each one brings a child opportunity to develop and gives them a chance to get themselves out of poverty. Education means the child will learn more so they can get a better job in the future. A clean water source means the child no longer has to walk miles to fetch water and can instead spend time studying. It is all very simple to fix.


What does charity mean to you?


Charity, to me, simply means to help. In any way you can. Whether it’s donating that change in your pocket to a good cause, to spreading the awareness of our work to encourage more support. Charity doesn’t have to mean money – you can be charitable on a daily basis for free.





When researching into the charity sector I found the public were tired of not knowing where their donation was going. I believe that we can actually end poverty in our life time. To do this, to get everybody to help, they need to feel they can trust the charity they’re donating to. Hence we created our 100% Donation Prophecy, which guarantees 100% of your donation will go to our projects in country.



I also found that it was common for western “Saviors” to come to poor countries in Africa and try to “fix” things that may not have needed fixing. I decided to
ensure we had an in-country partner with an NGO who could tell us exactly what’s needed to help their villages, and to help manage the project when we couldn’t be there. I was so lucky to meet Zuma, the director of CHETI NGO in Tanzania who is now our partner and has never let us down. With his advice and guidance we have been able to carry out really successful projects in his local villages. When I visited this little village called Nadasoito in Tanzania in 2013, I knew this is where Made With Hope would start. The children were absolutely amazing – so happy. Not like all those depressing TV adverts I’d seen. They had so little and lived in such deprived circumstances yet they still had a smile on their face. The sense of community there was amazing and the villagers were so welcoming. They wanted our help and we promised to not let them down.




Made With Hope is all about teamwork. No matter how much or how little you can help, anything is appreciated and we try our best to make sure you feel that way. We believe in showing you how happy these children are in these countries and believe that guilt-tripping you into donating is not the way we are going to end poverty.


Where do you see Made With Hope in the future?


We at Made With Hope are dedicated to helping as many children in poverty as possible. We won’t be stopping anytime soon and will continue to grow, creating more partnerships in African countries and trying to give these children all the basic things that we often take for granted.