Hi! And Welcome

It's simple. We have two missions:

1. To help children living in poverty in Africa by providing them with shelter, education, food and clean water.

2. Put the trust back into charity to make you feel happy about where exactly your donation is going - 100% donations to our projects.

And this is how we’re going to achieve this...

Give the developing world vital resources they need to help them get out of poverty, such as orphanages, schools and clean water supplies.

Keep your donations completely separate from our running costs to guarantee 100% of your donation goes to our projects.

*Coming Soon*
Enable you to track exactly where your donation is through ’My Profile’ plus keeping you updated through email and social media.

Here’s the team of volunteers going to do this:

Eleanor – Founder

“I set up Made With Hope because I wanted to inspire other people to help people children living in poverty – and that we were a charity that you could trust. I think it’s possible we can end poverty in our lifetime but only if everybody works together. So let’s join forces and start helping by donating to one of our projects today.”

At the age of 23, Eleanor founded Made With Hope in 2013 in an attempt to help people in poverty in Africa – she couldn’t understand why there were still people living without enough food, water and education in the 21st Century. She felt there was a real need for the public to trust charity again and wanted donors to feel comfortable about exactly where their donations were going, which gave birth to the 100% Donation Prophecy. Eleanor manages the day-to-day running of the charity and is constantly looking for ways to grow Made With Hope so that we can help as many people as possible.

Where you’ll find Eleanor: You will often find her juggling the many tasks of running a charity, whilst also daydreaming of being in Tanzania as she cooks delicious food in her kitchen.

Barbara – Community Coordinator

“After visiting the orphanage in Tanzania, I can now see the opportunities for the children to develop and change their future through love, care and education that I am able to help support.”

Barbara utilises her bubbly and friendly personality to inspire people to get involved in helping people living in much worse conditions than we do. She puts her efforts into fundraising in her local communities, grabbing any opportunity that presents itself to share the story of the children Made With Hope help. Barbara is a lover of crafts and organises weekly craft afternoons at her house for the local community to enjoy making things to sell for our projects. If you’d like to get involved in making things for our projects, please email her on barideas@hotmail.co.uk.

Where you’ll find Barbara: You will often find her in the gym changing room asking people if they’d like to buy one of the many Christmas Puddings she and her friends have knitted for our projects.


Jonny – Business and Marketing Advisor

“After visiting Tanzania for the first time in 2013 it struck me how happy the local people were regardless of their circumstances. Such people deserve a chance at a better future and by working with Made With Hope I can actively see the difference I am making.”

Jonny possesses very useful skills surrounding marketing Made With Hope and advises the charity on key decisions that relate to the business and financial aspects of the charity. He is involved in our Corporate Social Responsibility programme which we are focusing on more this year. If you know a company that would like to get involved in our projects then please email us on contact@madewithhope.org.

Where you’ll find Jonny: If he’s not out looking for his next business venture to impact the world, he’s playing football or badminton with his friends.

Lottie – Volunteer Coordinator (Volunteer)

“Made With Hope stood out to me due to its 100% transparency ethos, I enjoy helping with issues I care about and volunteering with a trustworthy charity like MWH makes it all the more worthwhile and motivating! The friendly grassroots attitude of MWH means that it is an enjoyable charity to volunteer for, I feel valued, I know I am being put to good use and Eleanor is a wonderful person to work with!”

Lottie started out as a social media volunteer. She straight away understood what Made With Hope was about and did such a good job that we offered her the chance to manage recruiting and working with new social media volunteers. She is thriving in this role – we love having Lottie on board! If you’re interested in volunteering for social media, please email lottiemadewithhope@hotmail.com

Where you’ll find Lottie: You’ll often find her enjoying nibbling on delicious healthy snacks.

Meinir – Treasurer

“After hearing all about Made With Hope and the difference they’d already made to children’s lives- I wanted to get involved. I’ve known Eleanor for some time now, and have always been completely inspired by her enthusiasm. It’s a privilege to be a part of the charity, and I hope that I’ll also be able to inspire others to help children living in poverty in Africa.”

Meinir is our top organiser! She has brought her experience from board meetings to helping Made With Hope effectively meet with it’s trustees to make key decisions on where to take Made With Hope next.

Where you’ll find Meinir: You’ll often find her juggling her hectic work and social life, but still making some time to help Made With Hope – all with a friendly smile!

Peter – Trustee

“We should try to make a difference to the lives of people who do not have the same opportunities or resources as ourselves to give them the best chance they can have in life.”

Peter has an extensive knowledge of working with the community and in the charitable sector. He has a vast amount of knowledge regarding applying for grants, which we hope to utilise more this year.

Where you’ll find Peter: You’ll often find him cheering on his favourite football team with his pal, Bernie.

Sonia – Trustee

“When I first met with Eleanor for this opportunity, it was really her courage for starting Made With Hope and her passion and drive for ensuring MWH’s subsequent growth each year since, that really resonated with me. I am looking forward to putting my professional skills in sales and operations to the test for MWH’s very worthy mission.”

Sonia brings business to the table. She is working on developing our CSR programme to encourage businesses to join forces with Made With Hope to end poverty together. If your organisation is interested in getting involved with our exciting projects then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you contact@madewithhope.org

Where you’ll find Sonia: You’ll often find her on the internet browsing inspirational bloggers.

Donna – Secretary

“I’ve known Barbara and Eleanor for a long time as lovely kind neighbours. When Barbara brought around her iPad with all the wonderful pictures of the children and the amazing work that has gone on I just knew I wanted to help in whatever way I could.”

Donna has taken on the secretarial role as well as helping with new contacts. She is a Public Health Doctor and is really keen to make sure that our children get a good healthy start in their life. Donna has worked in Africa and still teaches oversees students so hopefully we will be able to build new relationships. Donna’s love of lists, project plans and admin will be very helpful.

Where you’ll find Donna: You will often find her in the gym doing Pilates and Zumba trying to make up for many years of bringing up a family and wondering how times has now caught up on her.


Kim – Head of Creative Design (Volunteer)

“I love being a helping hand, especially when it revolves around writing and creative work. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the massive smiles of the faces that you are helping, especially those of the children at the orphanage. I feel a valued part of the team at Made With Hope and together we contribute into doing good, making a difference and bringing happiness to those in need.”

Kim spreads her creativity across many parts of Made With Hope. She leads our Blog and Newsletter team to ensure we keep on top of letting you know exactly where your donations go. She also creates some fantastic images on Photoshop for us to use on our website and social media. Kim can’t wait to come and visit the orphanage so she can snap some cute photos of our amazing children for you to see.

Where you’ll find Kimberley: You’ll often find her exploring jewellery designs and thinking about her next big adventure!

And finally...

We need your help! We can’t do it without you! Any donations are massively appreciated and we will ensure you know exactly where your donation is going with photos and videos on social media. Join the Made With Hope team by making a one off or regular donation, start your own fundraising campaign or purchase something from our store. Just click here to find out more!